Friday, August 05, 2005

Hey Hey!

A post in a long time and nobody is gonna read this since it has been too long. Josh and I were in an airport waiting for our plane, and while we were waiting we were watching "Days of our lives" or some piece of shit. The story lines for that show is the funniest thing to watch. So we both got the idea to do one, its gonna be so easy and cheesy. Just remember to always dim the lights.

What else...... Ah!! I got a job and it pays well so I am really happy about that :D
Note to Alice, sorry about the boat, I drove by and it looks like you got it back........I hope.
Oh yea! Whitecastle is pretty damn good for what it is. Josh and I got a suitcase full of the shit.
I think I could live on the east coast.

School year is about to start and for the first time I am pretty happy it is. I dunno I got a weird feeling about the up coming year and I know what I want out of it. I'll try to update sometime later.

Goodbye for now.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Hey friends!! I am REALLY REALLY sorry that I haven't been posting for the past months. Lets just say that something happen in my life which I considered important to me, but now I figured out it was just a bunch of bullshit and lies this whole time. But I always move on.

Anyways, I hear that we will finish up Underdog over the weekend!! Yea!! Finally I will be getting a chance to see the final product and get to move onto other great works.

If you wanna have a good laugh, come see Neight and I at musical rehersals, it is the funniest fucking thing, of us trying to sing and dance. Oh!! I get to be a tree!! I take pride in being a tree, I just have to do some method acting to get the role of the tree correct.

Oh, and from the last time I have posted, I am driving now! Yes driving. isn't that a scary thought, with me on the road. But I am free now, but I have to pay for fucking gas!!! AWWWW!

I am going to leave you guys off with some words of wisdom, I was looking at some of Jenny Baumhauer's old journal posts, and I came across something that I couldn't agree with more and feel the same to what she had to say: "Relationships"

"relationships....bfs, gfs i dunno. everyone always has these ideal views of that their goal is to be happy with a bf or gf, or thats the only way they can be happy. But I seriously wonder. Personally i think if at all possible, its best not to like no one. i hear of all these poor people with almost disorted views of reality becuz they like a person so much that the littlest thing makes them extremely happy or extremely sad. Yet the person whos doing this has no clue. I know too many of these people. Now don't get me wrong, im included in this, or shud say have been in the past. Everyone has been over the course of their lifetime. But I give up! or feel like I should. I like people, but it seems when like 90% of the time crushes don't like the person back, wuts the use?? so i just sit and pray the feelings will eventually go away, like they always do, or try to find some lil of the person to make not like them nemore. and it usually works. its hard tho,.....maybe I am being a pessimist about love and relationships, but hey, better safe then heartbroken."

Goodbye for now!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hey yall,

Sorry, I haven't updated for awhile. Just been busy with things. Our Town is moving slowly, but I am too tired to even notice. I am happy about the Sox and Arafat dying. It is a good fall. So anyway, I will post something new and fantastic!!!

Anyway good luck to fellow Blog memebers in the play.

Goodbye for now!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hi Dicks!

Don't have really much to say right now, but I saw that Team America: World's Police movie, and it was funny. If you like toliet humor then you will like this filck.

Just wondering when the gang is going to get "Underdog" done. Tomas are we going to show at the film club now? Or do you still want to go for a private screening or something?
Just want to get that film done before more shit arises.

On a side note: I am having a great time not worrying about the problems of Tyler. Then Casey brings him up every goddamn day! I am going to shoot myself... no wait I will shot him.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hello Everybody!

Yea! My birthday is coming in one day! My sweet sixteen! But I don't know what I am going to do though.
Let me just say that the hardest thing in school for me right now is going to get lunch. Now let me just say that they raised the pricess, made the lines longer, and have less people working there. So you would think in the end you would get what you pay for. Wrong! That is the shittist food! God I don't know what I am going to do! And Fuck Dano!
So I guess everybody left the Lunch spot. We have had some good memories there.

Lunch Spot
You will be missed...

Goodbye for now!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

So I put my Marklar in the Marklar and it made a huge Marklar! I can't stand Marklar he is suck a friggin Marklar. So I went to the Marklar and saw a really bad Marklar. There are to many Marklars out there. I went to Marklar to Marklar the Marklar.

So Marklar to you all!

Good-bye for Marklar!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

So, school started. I hope everybody is happy with what classes and teachers that they got. I watched the footage of what we shot at Eliot's house, and some how the thing with Garrett in every shot is so funny. He is a brilliant actor and he says and does nothing.

Thank God football season is starting up again. Go Dallas! Can anyone take a guess of what the next hurricane will be named? Since it goes in alphabetical order. My guess would be George.

Goodbye for now.

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